Staffing Your Show Daily

We’ll do it so you don’t have to.

“If we decide we want to do a show daily, how much will we have to do?”

We hear that question a lot, and for obvious reasons.

CustomNEWS Show Dailies are always published at our clients’ busiest time. Staff members are doing all kinds of other important things. The last thing you want is a project that creates more work for you and your already overworked colleagues.

So how do you position a show daily to accomplish what you want, without having to actually work on it at the meeting? You hire CustomNEWS to produce it.

The experienced and dedicated CustomNEWS production team will manage the project with very little involvement from your staff, particularly at the meeting itself. Or, we can involve your staff in any part of the process. It’s really up to you – we want to publish the exact type of show daily you want.

“There’s no way we can work on a daily right now….”

Fortunately, you won’t have to.

We can provide a turnkey product. CustomNEWS would manage all functions of advertising sales, reporting, writing, photography, design, printing and distribution. We require only a single association staff member to act as a liaison.

And we know even that person has many other tasks before and during the meeting. So we’ll take care of all the details on site while we work with you to establish an overall direction and goals for the publication before we all get there. We’ll develop coverage lists, a general sense of editorial priorities, as well as formulating a delivery and distribution plan. We then take care of all of the legwork and execute your plan precisely.

On site, your staff person works with us as little as an hour a day, mostly during final proofing and to answer the occasional question.

“But we’ll want to write a story or two. And we definitely want to sell our own ads…”

That’s fine too. It’s your paper.

Some organizations with a larger staff want more direct involvement with the dailies. CustomNEWS is happy to integrate your contributions into the mix in the on site press room. Sometimes, publication editors will contribute an article or two, or they’ll edit all copy written by our staff. Your involvement just makes the publication that much better.

We also frequently work with in-house advertising sales operations or with outside ad reps who already work for you. We’ll structure an agreement that makes sense for your operations – not make you accept some cookie-cutter arrangement that a vendor wants.

“If we do this, I just know everyone will want to have their hands in it…”

We’re even fine with that.

We frequently work with trade publishers, both association-based and others, for who show dailies are a full extension of their other publication. Here, the client definitely takes care of advertising sales, and frequently the editorial staff actively contributes to the dailies on site. CustomNEWS works alongside them, providing expert production assistance, printing and distribution coordination.

With resources in virtually every convention city in the country, CustomNEWS can help you meet your show daily goals and objectives, regardless of how understaffed (and overstressed) you may be.

We invite you to call or e-mail us today. We’d love to get started.


Inquiring today could result in your show daily tomorrow.
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