Show Dailies Offer Great Benefits

Boosting Meetings, Increasing Non-Dues Income Is Just the Beginning

Everyone at your meeting benefits from a convention newspaper:

Attendees …

… appreciate the opportunity to be recognized in print, before their peers, for various achievements.

… learn about upcoming events, as well as the latest session cancellations & changes.

… take the newspapers back to their office to share with colleagues, who should be future meeting attendees.

… use the online versions of the newspapers throughout the year for reference.

Exhibitors …

… utilize an additional, vibrant advertising medium for vendors to present marketing messages to conference attendees.

… increase booth traffic by telling attendees about special events happening on the show floor.

Associations …

… gain an excellent way to promote the conference itself as a newsworthy and important event for participants.

… receive another source of non-dues revenue for the hosting organization, without the expenditure of significant staff time or budget.

… maximize this great promotion tool to show members what they miss when they don’t attend your annual conference.

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