Do People Still Publish Show Dailies?

Yes - convention newspapers offer so much more than schedule changes and program updates.

This question reflects a typical understanding of a show daily’s role in the minds of association meeting planners and executives who don’t publish them.

Yes, show dailies give you a way to tell attendees about schedule and room changes. Yes, show dailies are a nice vehicle to showcase a keynote speech. Yes, show dailies are something the exhibitors like because they can drive traffic to their booths.

But, show dailies are so much more.

A CustomNEWS Show Daily is truly customized to meet your association’s objectives, whatever they are. It reflects the image of your organization and the personality of the meeting through carefully chosen and edited stories and photographs that emphasize what’s really important to you and your members.

It’s your meeting’s vitality that keeps members and attendees coming back year after year as they look for new information and experiences. A CustomNEWS Show Daily taps into this and helps you grow this goodwill, providing important (and evolving) information every day of your meeting.

Most associations publish programs and promotion pieces, and most trade magazines provide detailed pre-convention issues. But these have limited effectiveness once the convention begins to come alive. A CustomNEWS Show Daily gives you the opportunity to take that information, update it and keep it fresh, timely and accurate every day. Add the on-site reporting and photography of your key events and you have a truly useful product for you and your attendees that can’t be provided through any other channel.

A CustomNEWS Show Daily lives on long after the meeting too. All of the content we generate is yours. You can post it to Web site each day, e-mail it to your members, or use it for next year’s promotional brochures, whatever you want.

And CustomNEWS Show Dailies cover their costs and make money for our clients. Our experienced advertising sales staff maximizes show daily advertising sales without adversely affecting your other publications, partnerships or sponsorships.

We invite you to call or e-mail us today. We’d love to get started.


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