Make Your Meeting Live On -- On Line…

Let a CustomNEWS Show Daily work for you on the Web.

“We want to put more from our meeting on our Web site. But we just don’t have the time to cover everything …”

A CustomNEWS Show Daily can make this desire a reality.

We know the last thing you have time for on-site is to sit in a session and work up notes for a story and get that posted on line. There’ll be a crisis; you’ll get distracted; the person responsible for doing it was pulled aside by a Board member to meet someone. It just isn’t going to happen.

Let our staff do it for you. Take the stories and photos we publish in the dailies and post them on your site, either each day or after you get back to the office. When we publish a CustomNEWS Show Daily, all of the content is yours and you can use it any way you want. Even the photos and stories that don’t make the paper – it’s yours.

Some of our clients post a link on their Website to a PDF file we can provide. That’s instant Web coverage for everyone who isn’t at the meeting. Others post individual stories and photos formatted to their Web page. You can even sell Web sponsorships for the content if you want.

Not only does a Web daily benefit your members, advertisers like it as it extends the reach of their purchase. An exhibitor tells a prospect on the show floor that the ad they saw in the paper that morning can be seen on line. The prospect at the show talks with their colleagues back at the office and everything moves forward.

For those meetings where "cyber cafes" are popular, attendees can access all the news they need right from their computer stations.

Whether it's on paper or on the Web, a CustomNEWS Show Daily creates excitement and value for its publisher and readers.

We invite you to call or e-mail us today. We’d love to get started.


Inquiring today could result in your show daily tomorrow.
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