No Meeting Is Too Small
for a CustomNEWS Show Daily

Don’t rule out the possibility of a show daily because you think your meeting is too small. CustomNEWS says YOU should reconsider. News happens at meetings of all sizes, and attendees want to hear about it. Exhibitors have a message they need to deliver to attendees. Show dailies can do all of this, and more!

We welcome clients with attendance figures of less than 1,000, and exhibit halls with as few as 50 vendors. CustomNEWS has worked with clients of all sizes, and has the resources available to handle as much of the project as you’d like. From ad sales to onsite editorial responsibility and production, CustomNEWS can make it quite simple to introduce a convention newspaper at your next annual meeting.

Still not sure your meeting warrants a convention newspaper? If there are keynote speakers and special presentations, we can write about them. Attendees love to see themselves in print, and photo pages are a great way to do that.

We offer preview and wrap-up editions to supplement the on-site issues. Preview editions help boost registration and wrap-up issues let your entire membership know that your meeting was successful.

And all of this can be accomplished with only as much involvement as your staff can give us. All we need is one person to serve as a liaison, and we’re all set.

Allow us to introduce ourselves and we will take it from there!


Inquiring today could result in your show daily tomorrow.
Contact CustomNEWS at or call us at 800/627-8723. We’d love to get started.